When did you first learn to fear men? 


Good fathers teach their daughters to be wary of a world filled with men. Never except a beverage in an open can, always watch your drink, go to the bathroom in groups… Good fathers were the first to teach us that staying safe as a woman is a full time job. That in addition to the 24-hour clock that humanity lives under, we should also live with an ingrained rape clock. Don’t leave the house after dark, stay in well-lit areas, hold your keys between your fingers in a closed fist so you can use them as weapons… All this to say that you are not safe in a world that you dared to enter in a female form.

Navigating the world in fear isn’t living: it’s biding your time until your carefully curated schedule and routine is upended by a man who you had forgotten to fear. It’s the mentor whose hugs suddenly linger a bit too long, and whose hands hover further down. Did you think your personal choices would protect you from patriarchy’s ugly grips? It’s the good guy™️ who suddenly turned bad because you rejected his ‘friendly’ advices, teaching you the age old lesson: they’re all good men until something happens. Did you forget to fear men? It’s the friend you were comfortable socializing with, until he decided your inebriated state gave him the right to violate your body. Did you forget that men were trash?


Men fear rejection. Women fear death, and worse.