No more shrinking violets, We are in full bloom




I was speaking to some kids about Swazi culture, and then invited them to tell me something interest about the traditions of Taiwan.

This girl started talking about the Moon Festival and as she’s trying to articulate her thoughts in English, a boy confidently takes over – saying the WRONG thing, but with the certitude of someone knowing that they have the right to speak and be heard.. She shrunk away and let him continue, as many of us girls and women are won’t to do.

Why do we let boys get to be more assertive? How do we assert ourselves and have our voices heard? I realized that I too suffer from shrinking violet syndrome. I have great ideas. I can elucidate them well. But I allow male peers to speak over me way too often. I literally burnt my voice hoarse last weekend, trying to voice my opinion, yet continually being cut off.

The women in the Obama administration had a plan to combat this. If one woman raised a point and she got steamrolled by the dude expressed, another woman else would speak up and bring attention to it. That’s womanhood I can get behind.

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