fvck your friend zone

The sense of entitlement that the purveyors of the “friend zone” have is so annoying. Since you are a supposed “good guy” a woman must date you, whether she likes you or not? Haaaska.
a “good guy” is just a man who lusts after beautiful women and expects the women to want to be with him, despite him bringing nothing to the table except that entitlement.
The worst is you can list any number of reasons for not liking someone, but the only reason they will listen to is “I have a boyfriend,” because they are only willing to respect her rejection if it’s supported by another guy. Moreover, one shouldn’t need to list reasons, not wanting to date someone is reason enough. The idea that you can convince someone to like you is tantamount to saying you know that person better than they know themselves, which is the height of narcissism. Of course the ‘good guy’ cannot accept a situation where a woman can think for herself, and has complete ownership of her own feelings and choices.


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