Classism vs Feminism

Intersectionality matters so much because while we may be equal as women facing partriarchy, the opportunities offered to white women far exceed those offered to black women. The same goes for us in our quest to fight racial injustice – black women may be black, but we’re still women. Black partriarchy is real and it’s a pandemic. Moreover, classism acts as a divide – i can’t pretend my middle class upbringing didn’t afford me a better life than a Swazi girl who grew up in a mud hut kaLonhlupheko, a name which literally means “a place of poverty.”
As Swaziland tries to move towards achieving His Majesty’s dream of Vision 2022, the Kingdom needs to acknowledge the disparities in wealth. Furthermore, there needs to be a clear definition of what Vision 2022 will mean to the 67% of the population living beneath the poverty line. I believe in my country. I believe in her future. But a lot has to be done in the present to guarantee that future for all her people.


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