Black Panther is EVERYTHING

Pop cultural representation is so IMPORTANT. If you have always seen yourself in media, then it doesn’t seem a big deal. As a kid who grew up on Marvel comic books, my favorite being Storm, I am so excited that writer extraordinaire Ta-Nehisi Coates will be penning the latest edition of the Black Panther comic, who is the oldest black superhero, and also happened to be married to Storm. Ta-Nehisi is all levels of awesome, and his book is a great glimpse into the realities of racial injustice and dog whistle politics.
Looking at when Black Panther was published, at a time when people assumed Africa was a Tarzanesque jungle (though granted, many still do) to have the most technoogically advanced nation in the entire MCU be from Africa is astounding. Moreover, the movie iteration of the character is laudable. The fact that they addressed the appropriation of Wakanda’s vibranium (indestructible metal) seems to be an extended metaphor for the cultural appropriation that the West is so wanton of, and a direct criticism of the plundering that centuries of colonialism stripped Africa of, especially given in this fictional Africa, Wakanda was never colonised. Also, i want to marry T’Challa. I can be the new Storm if Marvel is hiring… Chadwick Boseman perfect captures the regality of the King, who is the most intelligent member of the Avengers. So much black excellence to be honest.
Now about that Black Widow movie…


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