Sex Ed

I think reproductive education needs reform urgently.
It’s 2016, and adults still think urine comes out of the vagina. People still don’t understand that men being aroused during rape does not equal consent. People aren’t aware that having an orgasm when raped doesn’t mean you enjoyed it. Adults still think an abortion is the killing of a sentient being when it’s just the suction of a clump of cells. Educated folk still believe that sexual experience affects the “tightness” of a vagina, when it’s just a muscle that expands and contracts for any number of reasons. Adolescents are growing up under the misconception that penis length affects sexual perfomance, when the orifices used for sex are only a couple of inches long. Children are raised under the social construct of virginity, which invalidates any sex which isn’t vaginal penetrative intercourse.
Comprehensive reproductive education is absolutely necessary, beyond the pictures in the Grade 6 Social Studies book.


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