Foul fowl

What’s becoming abundantly clear with the risk of RSA losing AGOA is that it isn’t a benevolent trade agreement instituted by a world superpower to encourage trade with Africa, but an imperialist State’s attempts to use the economy to hold African countries hostage to its whims.
RSA is in bed with China and Russia in the BRICS trade block. Whatever issues with the fouls may exist, America’s actions smell foul. (Yes, that was a play on the poultry issue…) It seems the pending exclusion is retaliation to BRICS’ rejection of US set trade rules, ie Russia and China trading on their own currencies and not the US Dollar.
When Swaziland lost AGOA, it was after certain benchmarks weren’t met. However, there wasn’t certainty that there wouldn’t be new benchmarks thereafter. The shifting goalposts game played all in the name of indoctrinating the world to the US’s ideals. AGOA opened up 300,000 direct jobs in Africa, but the pressure the US govt keeps applying on states to keep it is a direct attack on sovereignty, with GDP as the weaponry.


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