TV’s heteronormative agenda

I’m so over TV and its heteronormative propaganda. I literally shut my Mac after watching the fridging of a lesbian character on my fav show. Here’s an awesome quote from my fav person on the internet Mark Oshiro about how the lack of media representation affects the very real LGBTQ people it pretends don’t exist. “Take that loneliness that you’ve gone through – whether it was momentary, longterm, whether it is permanent, whether it is cosmic – and imagine that there are reminders of it everywhere. I want you to think about what it might feel like to watch television and see characters fall in love. Have sex. Go on adventures together. Get rescued. Go on dates. You are nowhere in these images and pictures. And when you turn to books, you find the same situation unfolding over and over again. You see a wealth of love and drama given to everyone else, and you see yet another painful reminder that you do not belong.” Representation of the LGBTQ community on the screen is soooo abundantly important. And i don’t mean where someone’s sexual orientation is the punchline to a joke, or fuel to fetishism or an avenue for some moral propaganda. I’m a cisgender heterosexual woman. I have privilege. But i shouldn’t have privilege. I shouldn’t get to revel in relationships that look like mine, when other people’s aren’t even acknowledged.


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