Stereotyped or Fridged

I hate 2 Broke Girls. Kat Dennings was the most grating part of the Thor movies, and having her on my screen for 30 minutes at a time would be beyond annoying. It is an abysmal attempt at comedy that I could only stomach 2 episodes of. However, that isn’t why I hate it so much. I like a lot of unfunny comedies such as New Girl and 70% of post season 5 Modern family. The reason I hate 2 Broke Girls is the racism. Why do we still have caricatures of races and ethnicities on TV? Who in a network as large as CBS thought that something so repugnantly racist would be tolerable, and even accepted? The playing up of the “Asian accent” is an attempt to appeal to the most base of humour.

Representation is a maze when it should be a straight path. The “token guy” so many shows employ, just to say they’ve helped fill a quota, is problematic on a different plane. This character must represent a whole demographic, and the writers seem to forget that people of colour exist across a spectrum of personalities. Moreover, the stereotypical “Magical Negro” still exists, particularly in film. The black man whose job is to show the protagonist the way, sometimes possessing astuteness that seems to exist on the supernatural plane. He exists only to prop the hero into getting the job done, then disappears and/or often dies.

speaking of death: stop with the fridging. One of my fav shows of all time is Supernatural, but it is almost guaranteed that when a person of colour shows up, their death is coming soon. Supernatural’s caucasian casting predominance is so galling that any visibility is welcome. We are happy to get fridge.



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