Reverse Racism is NOT real

Reverse Racism is NOT REAL. NOT REAL. NOT REAL. White people, do you fetish oppression so much that you would create fake terms? Lol then when you’re done telling people of colour centuries of institutionalised oppression aint a thing anymore, you go back to enjoying the fruits your racial privilege affords you.

I can’t really say I’m surprised. Of course privilege gets worked up in discussions about inequality. You’ve never had to face the stark realities black people live with everyday. Of course privilege thinks discussions about cultural appropriation are tantamount to exclusion. You’re so accustomed to taking things. Of course privilege rushes to accuse black people speaking up of “playing the race card.” You’ve grown up with your racial identity being an asset, so you assume it’s the same for everyone.

People of Colour standing up and voicing their disdain at having their culture, their stories, their livelihood taken from them is not reverse racism. It’s people refusing to be doormats any longer.r


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