Representation Matters

WTF Marvel??😤 Ok, context. The Avengers was the greatest cinematic experience of my life. I was ecstatic to find this t-shirt, albeit it’s 3 sizes too big, but I just had to have it. 😁😄This tee has all the Avengers except (surprise,surprise) Black Widow.😒 even Hawk freaking eye made it. Where’s the Widow merchandise? And it’s not like there isn’t a market for it. That Agent Carter was the first Marvel project headlined by a woman is a travesty. Since 2008, there have been 11 comic movies with rich playboys and 6 with actors named Chris. 😔 break it down by colour, it’s even worse. Where’s the representation??tumblr_nzai2hd4Ue1sr87z9o1_540.jpg


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