Natasha Romanoff deserves a movie

“I heard this movie has a non-sexualised female character.”

I call 2012 The Year of the Nerdgasm. This was the moment the most implausibly awesome comic book movie was made. The Avengers. My favourite movie of all time. Black Widow was a sexual being, yes, but her OWN sexual being. In complete charge of her damn self.

Fast forward to 2015. Avengers 2. Joss Whedon, the guy who gave us the most femininely bad ass as fvck character in Buffy, turned Black Widow into a Hulk whisperer not to mention her breasts as landing gear for Bruce Banner.

Where is our Black Widow movie? Scar Jo has proven herself capable of headlining a movie with Lucy. Lets see her in a blockbuster where she’s in control and kicking ass. I mean Natasha Romanoff did that with Captain America, and they did a pretty good job of not treating her as walking eye candy. She was a SHIELD agent first and foremost. Attractive yes, but that wasn’t the purpose of her presence. I am here for more well rounded women in action movies. Sexuality isn’t a bad thing, but female characters should not exist solely for the male gaze. cuhmaaaan!!!


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