Hymen or unicorn?

Virginity is a social construct which ignores that sex isn’t just vaginal penetration. It’s a social construct that ignores non-hetero sex. It is a patriarchial structure that exists to control women’s autonomy.
I come from Swaziland, a Southern African country that has a Reed Dance annually where virgins dance and celebrate their “purity.” Although there aren’t “virginity testings” done there, the Dance in itself carries a lot of negative connotations. That the value of a girl lies in not having a bearing on her sexuality outside of what it means to man, particularly misogynistic when you realise girls dance bare-breasted. I love my culture, and I love the camarederie that comes with cultural events, but surely there’s a better way to value our girls and bring them together aside from them having or not having a hymen.


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