HTGAWM gets representation

As a cisgender, heterosexual woman, I know that my feminism means nothing if I don’t recognize that there is a glaring vacuum of progress for the recognition of ALL WOMEN. Feminism means nothing if it’s not intersectional. I am terrified of mansplaining, and I am welcome to being called out on it if i ever do.

I know many an article has been written re #HTGAWM doing groundbreaking work by telling the stories of the LGBTQ demographic, without othering. I was so excited how last week’s episode was a case about domestic abuse and self-defense, without the trans woman’s story being a coming out tale. Yes, coming out is an integral part of many people’s journeys, but there are other stories told. About the high levels of abuse of transgender men and women by their spouses. About the depression and suicide rates. About the law refusing to see them as who they are. C’est tres domage


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