Feminist = Trans Ally

Feminism which isn’t concerned with LGBTQIA isn’t interested in equality. It is interested in privilege Transphobic jokes are infinitely harmful. When you tell a trans joke, you’re saying that you co-sign the killing of thousands of people because they’re not privileged to be cisgender. Cisgender shouldn’t be a privilege. We call it a phobia to make the atrocities palatable. You may not be actually killing trans humans, but the heckling, the insensitive remarks, the gender specific pronouns… Stop being shitty people man. Your “annoyance” at having to learn someone’s new name, or not refer to their gender is NOTHING compared to the journey they’ve undertaken to redefine themselves outside of societal standards. It literally takes NOTHING away from you.tumblr_ny3fr5zxd91ulvt45o1_540


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