Every story matters

Some of the women raped by Bill Cosby are suing him for defamation 😀 Words can’t express how this makes me feel. The statute of limitations may be up for a criminal case, but it has grounds for a civil case.This disgusting motherfucker spent so many years harassing, bullying and intimidating these women into silence. It’s not even about the restitution, it’s about getting their stories out there. for themselves and millions of women who have been raped and are kept silent for so many reasons, all of which lead back to how society victim blames in charges of sexual assault.

And even if it is about the money, the PTSD that comes from rape diminishes one’s ability to make an income. You know, no amount of money will be enough to erase the pain that comes with being violated like this, to having your basic right to autonomy taken by a disgusting, vile creature. But taking back some of your power; money gives these men the illusion of being above the law and above the word “no.” Suing Bill Cosby tells the women who are sitting at home, blogging under pseudonyms, pretending what happened to them never really happened, some of them even having to face their rapist on the daily, some of them not even remembering what happened
 suing Bill Cosby sends the powerful statement that your story matters. Every story matters.


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