Why are we still having to explain consent to human beings? Are we really going to pretend that people don’t know that rape is a violation? Who must the burden fall unto?

Is it difficult to understand that consent isn’t implicit? Consenting to sex doesn’t mean I am consenting forever. There is no social contract to my body forever, just because I allowed you once. Moreover, consent for one thing is not consent for everything. I have complete autonomy, I can stop you whenever I want to. There shouldn’t be any pressure just because I allowed you to touch me here, that you can try and touch me there. It’s not a game of precedent, it’s my body. It’s my right.

Clothes are not consent. Clothes are not permission to anything. Clothes aren’t a request for any sexual attention. What I am wearing is not an expression of my want of anyone violating me. My clothing does not speak for me.

If you have to beg for it, its not consent. For all the people who have been coerced into sex but couldn’t call it rape because they weren’t sure since it wasn’t violent, your consent does not need to be coaxed out of you. Your consent is yours to give freely of your own volition. “Yes means yes” is an important mantra, for it gives us all self-ownership.

The influence of drugs and alcohol negates consent. If someone is too out of it to say no, they’re not saying yes. If someone is out of their bearings due to a chemically induced state, they’re not saying yes, If you need alcohol to make someone more pliable, you’re a rapist. Plain and simple.

No means no, and only yes means yes.


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