Choice politics

In my home country, abortion is illegal save for cases where the pregnant woman has been raped. A woman must lose her autonomy to be able to choose what happens to her uterus?

These conservative Neanderthals who say women can only get abortions if they have been raped are the scum of the Earth; they’re the same ones who require women to prove they’ve been raped, and victim blame and slut shame. They’re the same people who invalidate a woman reporting a rape, and ignore how INVASIVE it is to report a rape immediately after your ordeal to conserve the DNA evidence. They are the same ones who ignore the accusatory tones policemen take statements.

Swaziland already has repulsive records as far as the treatment of women goes. Child marriages, high HIV prevalence in girls aged 15-24, polygamy, infantilising of wives in traditional marriages… It isn’t a pretty picture.


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