The Holocaust is always treated as the most horrific thing that ever was, because it was a horror against white people. Where is the disgust over the Tuskegee trials? It took Barack Obama being elected to Office for an American President to recognize how egregious and evil they were. Where is the outrage over the genocide of Aborigines? Of the Natives of the rainforests whose land is still being “discovered”? That’s what they call it when they want to invade and abuse another tribe, claiming their wealth.
The atrocities committed against people of colour, atrocities were spread over centuries and their effects are still being felt. However People of Colour are told to “get over it,” like centuries of systematic oppression are a minor hurdle. Cecil Rhodes, Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama… history books may paint them as heroes, with holidays and festivals and statues, but they truly are the worst to have walked the Earth.

I am not saying there must be a barometer of pain and suffering, but the way society has become desensitized to the pain of people of colour is atrocious. Germany has paid reparations for the Holocaust; where are the reparations to the Commonwealth countries Britain colonised? Raping and pillaging across continents.


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