Intersectional feminism is the only feminism that matters. Right now the media prioritises white, cisgender, straight, rich, able-bodied women over any other demographic. It is concerned with giving them the privilege that men have, not with equality. It propagates racism, homophobia, transphobia, classism and ableism.

Y’all I aint here for these “strides” that benefit 2 rich white women, while People of Colour still have wider disparities in income. I’m not here for Emma Watson being lauded as teaching Malala Yousafzai feminism, when Malala is the purest embodiment of a girl who wanted to emancipate herself. I’m not here for Nicki Minaj being touted as angry when Taylor Swift is a revolutionary. I’m not here for Pink being called unfettered when Rihanna is told to cover up. I am not here for Meryl Streep’s movie on suffrage sans people of colour, when Viola Davis is alive. I am not here for Beyoncé’s feminism being questioned all the damn time, when Adele gave one Rolling Stone interview and she’s a feminist icon. Man FOH


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