When we appeal to people’s conscience with “what if it were you/your sister” arguments, we are saying that all other victims aren’t important. We are saying that the only crimes that matter are those that affect us directly.
Moreover, the strength of these girls in speaking out is laudable. In sharing their own storiea themselves. However there is strength in silence too, in choosing to deal wiTh your pain alone. In a perfect world, every survivor would get to share their story, but this world isn’t perfect. The Burden of Proof in rape cases lies with the victim, and the victim is the one dragged through the coals by public opinion.
Nevertheless, this was beautifully done. As a society, we have become desensitised to rape due to its frequency. But seeing these women, the real people who have been violated and had their lives changed irrevocably, is the jarring we need to recognise the atrocity that has befallen too many.


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